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Vocational Rules and Cats and Dogs that Answer the Phone

The Social Security Administration has 82 rules for determining whether or not a person can perform work other than his/her previous work.   These can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 20 C.F.R. Part 404, Subpart P, Appendix 2.   Among these are Rules 201.04, 201.06, 201.12 and 201.14 which state that if a person has not done sedentary work in the past 15 years, is age 50 or older, and is now limited to sedentary work, he/she must be found disabled.

These rules assume that no person age 50 or older is able to learn to sit at a desk and answer a phone or learn any other kind of desk work.

We found two cats that can answer a phone (Cat 1)   (Cat 2).   We also found two dogs that can answer a phone (Dog 1)   (Dog 2).   These probably aren't the only cats and dogs that answer phones.

However, consider also Nola Ochs, who earned a college degree at the age of 95 and a Master's degree at the age of 98.   Others have mastered new skills at advanced ages.   With motivation and some assistance, much more can be done than the the Social Security Administration's vocational rules assume.

Is this any way to run a government program that is costing over one-half trillion dollars a year?   You decide.   If you don't think so, help us to make a change (details).


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